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25 Responses to “Super-boot-manager”

  1. […] more information, please refer this link . Any queries regarding these or any other regarding Ubuntu or SBM  etc can be asked here. […]

  2. […] Proprio così, il bios partiva, ma poi si bloccava tutto in una schermata nera riportante “Grub danneggiato o non trovato”. Soluzione: ho dovuto riformattare anche XP in quanto non riuscivo nemmeno a far partire linux da cd live. Ma torniamo ora a noi, voglio presentarvi SUPER BOOT MANAGER. […]

  3. […] I prefer my grub2 in plain old black and white, not that purple nonsense. There are many ways to try and change the color setting, and the methods can very from versions of Ubuntu, grub, and plymouth. So the easiest way to edit boot apperance is with a super-boot-manger. […]

  4. danielo ha detto:

    I would like to ask is there any chance to run by rour app a plymouth themes from There is a few great onces!!
    please write back.

  5. Ingalex ha detto:

    Yes using super-boot-manager you can install also some plymouth themes added from

  6. […] Super-boot-manager […]

  7. mocito ha detto:

    can it been used in ubuntu 12.04?

  8. Ingalex ha detto:

    Yes, in a few days i create also a ppa for Ubuntu 12.04 but if you use the ppa for Ubuntu 11.10 it’s the same.

  9. Drmgiver ha detto:

    I launch the app, it asks for my password, and then it doesn’t do anything. It just disappears. Whats wrong here?

  10. Ingalex ha detto:

    try removing .sbm folder in your home folder:
    sudo rm -rf ~/.sbm
    and restart program.

  11. ryan ha detto:

    hello i try to execute an say
    /usr/bin/buc: 12: /usr/bin/buc: /usr/buc//buc: Permission denied

    please help

  12. Drmgiver ha detto:

    Removed all that, still get errors:

    /usr/bin/buc: 12: /usr/bin/buc: /usr/buc//buc: Permission denied

  13. Drmgiver ha detto:

    Uninstalled it, installed from provided .deb packages and it worked fine. It doesn’t actually set the plymouth theme, but I wanted it to create one, which was easily set via command line.

  14. Brian ha detto:

    Hey, just a suggestion — instead of using zenity and sudo -S in the launcher script, you can use ‘gksudo’ — it integrates more cleanly than zenity, plus it’s shorter.

  15. ryan ha detto:


    Thanks very much, I fixed the problem

    sudo chmod 775 /usr/bin/buc
    sudo chmod 775 /usr/buc/

    Its works to me

  16. Mohammed Sayanvala ha detto:


    I’m running Ubuntu/Linux Mint 13

    Why can’t I seem to change the theme for BURG version 1.98+20100623-1 ?
    It only presents me with a simple GRUB-type menu with no options to change the theme. F2 does not work, nor does t…
    I’ve installed a few of the themes from the BURG-manager, but still nothing :-/

  17. Ingalex ha detto:

    Try to execute: sudo burg-install /dev/sda

  18. […] e clementine. Altri software aggiunti sono  Skype, Dropbox, cover-thumbnailer, amule, qBtorrent super-boot-manager, scopy, simple-lighdm-manager e cheese. Inoltre è stato aggiornato gimp alla versione 2.7, […]

  19. amsweitzer ha detto:

    I was wondering if you can put a themes updater in or does that happen with updates I’ve submitted one theme and am going to submit some more I am posting my themes at as well

  20. amsweitzer ha detto:

    a suggestion a script to browse and install themes from hdd ones downloaded or created when creating themes its a pain to gksu maually to browse and install the theme to view if you need to edit some more I know you can edit themes from within burg and view but then you have to save as a new theme then copy to desktop to tar for uploading If editing an existing theme I extract it then change then install under a new name. If it could browse to file and install it would save alot of typing sbm is great that it allows you to change themes for burg but installing from hdd would be a very nice feature you already have the browse in the program for submitting themes

  21. […] stranica Super Boot Managera nalazi se na adresi, gdje ćete naći Debian pakete i pakete sa izvornim kodom kojeg je potrebno kompilirati. Za […]

  22. […] GRUB) and Plymouth. It allows to enable/disable plymouth, install & change plymouth themes. Visit the Super Boot Manager Homepage. To add the PPA and install Super Boot Manager open a terminal window (press Ctrl+Alt+T) and […]

  23. rhu junotz ha detto:

    i cant install in backbox 4.1 🙁
    can u help me

  24. […] Super Boot Manager is a GUI tool that lets you easily change Grub, Burg and Plymouth i.e. basically it covers all aspects of boot changes. Super Boot Manager actually consists of three modules, one for each of Grub, Burg and Plymouth. This way, you can change different boot function with different module. For example, you can use the Boot Manager module to change boot order to make Windows the default OS in Ubuntu. […]

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