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Today 9 july 2010 we have released version 0.2.0 of Burg-manager. It has been created by myself Ingalex in cooperation with Canopus0003 and Tux10, this version of the Burg-manager has a long series of innovations. We have fixed some bugs that we found, and we have added new features, also we have improved some existing functionalities . Among the notable changes we can mention:

  • recognition of hard drives available on which to install Burg
  • recognition of available hard disk where you can restore the Grub2
  • ability to set the operating system to boot as default
  • improved gallery with much themes to install from this site
  • added a new tab to set advanced parameters such as:
    • GRUB_LINUX16
  • possibility to set administrator and user password for Burg

Also others localizations for different languages has been added:

  • portuguese-Brasil
  • portoghese-Portugual
  • french
  • english
  • romanian
  • spanish
  • swedish
  • german

In this regard I take this opportunity to thank all those who have made the various localization:

  • Brazilian & Portuguese localization – Filipo Tardim
  • French localization – Stephane Robert
  • German localization – Janek Bettinger
  • Spanish localization – Bernardo Miguel Savone
  • Swedish localization – Robert Blomqvist
  • Romanian localization – Marius Bob

Currently Buc doesn’t  support UTF-8, so we found several problems inserting some locations such as traditional Chinese and others.

If you have any solution to this problem please contact us.
Regarding the installation of the burg-manager you can refer to this guide.

If the Burg-manager has not yet been translated into your language and you want to collaborate to translation please contact me.

In addition I would remind you that we are starting to develop a Burg-manager porting with gambas. In that regard, greater collaboration is required. If you are able to program with gambas consider the possibility of participating actively in this project.

If you have any suggestions about new features to implement in the burg-manager, or if you want to give advice on how to improve it, you can express you opinion by the comments.

9 Responses to “Burg-manager 0.2.0 released”

  1. Darren ha detto:

    Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: buc (>= 0.5.2
    Whats that?

  2. Ingalex ha detto:

    You have to install buc. Read installation guide. Follow this instructions.

  3. Willy ha detto:

    I like this gui, but there are far more themes installed than shows in the Burg-manager. Why can’t I see all the themes which are in the burg theme folder?

    I’m using Ubuntu Lucid.

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