Released Burg-manager 1.0.5

Today we have released version 1.0.5 of burg-manager.  Between noteworthy changes we can quote:

– added some bugfixes

– added croatian and romanian localization

-added some new themes

If you want to install burg-manager 1.0.5 you can follow this tutorial.

If you want to update from burg-manager 1.0.0 to version 1.0.5 you can use the updater that you can find into “info” tab of burg-manager.

As soon as possible will be released also gambas porting of burg-manager.

If you wanna collaborate with us please contact me using contact form.

You can consider to contribute to the costs of the site by making a small donation through the widget “Buy me a beer!” (through Paypal) that you find into the right sidebar. Now I’ve migrated the site to a semi-dedicated hosting so costs have increased substantially.

3 Responses to “Released Burg-manager 1.0.5”

  1. Loki ha detto:

    Hello, i thing i found a bug in this version. The “Activate/Disable Recovery Button” will not work anymore. I tested it, activated it and it wont work like before. Only editing the burg cfg worked for me.

  2. […] conoscere le novità della nuova versione 1.0.5 di Burg Manager consiglio di consultare QUESTA pagina. Per installare Burg Manager su Ubuntu, Debian eDerivate occorre prima installare BUC e […]

  3. […] conoscere le novità della nuova versione 1.0.5 di Burg Manager consiglio di consultare QUESTA pagina. Per installare Burg Manager su Ubuntu, Debian e Derivate occorre prima installare BUC e poi […]

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