Find application for Android with Repo-Finder

Not everyone knows that the Android Market is not the only source for applications.  I find very useful and convenient to use aptoide repositories. The working principle is very similar to the debian repositories. There are different clients for aptoide repositories.
For example I use APKtor. But these clients without adding repositories are useless. How do we know which repository to add in order to find the applications that we need? For this reason I have included to the Repo-finder the possibility to search repository for Android. You have only to insert into the search form the name of application that you need and Repo-finder returns the repository that you have to add to your aptoide client.

Soon I intend to add the repositories for Maemo.

So what are you waiting for? Try Repo-finder! There is also a search plugin for Firefox.

If you wanna collaborate to Repo-finder project or if you want to propose the addition of some new aptoide repository please contact me.


2 Responses to “Find application for Android with Repo-Finder”

  1. wolfsstolz ha detto:

    Nice Work but it was nicer when you make an tool that search an repo and insert it in Apkator or an other tool for Repos

  2. Ingalex ha detto:

    We can try but i don’t know how to insert automatically repo into Apktor. If someone wants to collaborate we can create an Android apps to find and add repository to Apktor. I think that it can be very usefull.

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