Repo-Finder: Updated all indexis and added Maverick and Natty search engine


These days I’ve re-indexed all PPA launchpad repositories and I’ve added them to Repo-finder and also I’ve updated the list of packages contained therein. I’ve added also the possibility to search packages also between Ubuntu Maverick and Natty, Mint Isadora and Julia. Repository for Debian Squeeze are not been update. I will update it soon.

For those who do not yet know Repo-Finder, I explain briefly what it is. Repo-finder is a search engine to find repository which contain searched package or program. Official Ubuntu APT repositories contain some packages which are not often updated or in some cases they are not really present. So if you want to install or update some packages which are absent into official repository or if you wanna try a development version of any program you have to add some not official repositories which contain this packages (or to compile it from sources). For this reason I’ve created Repo-Finder. When you search a package with Repo-Finder it return all occurrences and all repositories which contain searched package. So you can add it to your /etc/apt/sources.list. For example I suppose to search which repositories contain all packages related with Blogilo program. What you see below is a portion of the output you get.

Soon I intend to add the repositories for Maemo and Android (aptoide repository).

So what are you waiting for? Try Repo-finder! There is also a search plugin for Firefox.

If you wanna collaborate to Repo-finder project please contact me.

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