SoaBox, an opensource SOA virtualization solution

Like VirtualBox permits to run an operating system in a virtual machine, SoaBox lets your code run in a virtual SOA echosystem.

As example a system integrator company has to implement a WebApp that permits to update the customer’s data that resides on many systems, Oracle/Siebel CRM, SAP and a in housemade application.

Without SoaBox you’ll need a development enviroment, one for the staging and one for the production.

For every of those enviroments you’ll have to install and manage one Oracle/Siebel CRM, one SAP and one version of the in house made application.

The networks and the accessing credential will have to be created and managed.

If for any reason a maintenance operation will have to be done one of those systems, the team of 20 person will be stopped untill the system will be available again.

Using SoaBox the enviroments in which install Oracle/Sieble CRM, SAP and the custom application will be only two, the one for the staging and the one for the production, the development server will be used only for the managment of the project and to apply the Continous Integration for a higher QA of the code.

The developer will be able to work locally, avoiding to mess up the enviroments or damage them during the development.

They will be able to continue in their work also without the access to the systems or creating problems each others.

SoaBox is an OpenSource solution so you’ll able to reproduce your enviroment how many time you want without additional costs.

For more informations visit the project’s web site:

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